Thursday, April 7, 2011

Now That's Portuguese!

Kale Soup

3 Pounds of stew meat
1 Can of beef broth
3 Potatoes diced
One 15 oz can pinto beans
Salt & Pepper to taste
In a spice ball add:
Pickling Spice, Cinnamon and a few Cloves
2 Bunches of chopped kale

Throw all the ingredients except the kale in a pot.
Add water to cover if needed. 
Simmer until meat and potatoes are nearly done.
Add the kale and continue until cooked and the meat is tender.

Portuguese Linguica can be added with the meat
for a spicier flare, Ole!  Oops wrong country.

Of course, the meat can be completely left out for those
who choose to go meatless.  

Mike and Matt - 1998 Portuguese Festa


  1. Going to the Farmer's Market in Vista tomorrow and buying some Kale. OXOX Thanks Cuz

  2. Look at those adorable children!!!! I will be doing the vege version very soon! Thanks!